Stream music from YouTube on your smartphone or tablet for free with the free music app (MU App). See recommendations for new artists and playlists that suit your taste in music perfectly, or simply create your own playlists. Thanks to the Float Player (minimising YouTube), you can open and use apps while you continue to enjoy music for free.

Vanced App

  • Mini-player - listen to music and carry on using other apps
  • Discover - Artists, albums, tracks and playlists
  • Search - find millions of songs directly from YouTube
  • My music - save playlists and subscribe to channels
  • Save energy - listen to music and save your battery


Is the app free?

Yes, the app itself and the use of the app are free.

Does the app store data?

The app stores the playlists created by the user locally on his/her smartphone or tablet.

Can I switch off the display while listening to music with the app?

No, the YouTube terms and conditions of use state that the sound cannot be played without the video. For this reason, the app offers an energy-saving mode that reduces the display brightness as much as possible and locks the screen.

Can I also listen to music with the app offline?

No, the music that can be listened to with this app is provided by YouTube. Due to the YouTube terms and conditions of use, the music cannot be downloaded – so there must always be an internet connection to be able to listen to music.

Can I download videos with the app?

No. The app only enables YouTube content to be played (streamed). The downloading of content is prohibited by YouTube, and for this reason we cannot offer any download function in the future either.

Can videos be played in the background?

No, but we provide the opportunity to make the videos on your screen as small as possible, according to your needs, with the mini-player (Floating-Player) – this way, you can continue to use your smartphone and, for example, surf the web while listening to music. The YouTube terms and conditions of use prohibit the playing of music in the background. The minimum size of the Mini-player is also set by YouTube.

Can I play music without the video?

No, the audio content on YouTube is always linked to the videos and the playing of sound without video is prohibited.

Can I also use the app to listen to music that is not offered by YouTube?

No, all music offered comes from YouTube. You can display entire discographies of artists, and if individual songs are not available, they will only be displayed faintly and cannot be played.

What are artist pages?

On artist pages, all albums and songs by an artist are shown. Even if individual songs by an artist are not available on YouTube, they will be shown in grey.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the app?

Yes, the app only enables music to be streamed, not offline use. As this can cause large volumes of data traffic depending on the use, it is advisable to be connected to the internet when using the app via Wi-Fi, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Can I only play music videos, or can I play other YouTube videos with the app as well?

The app was developed to allow users to listen to music provided on YouTube. For this reason, the search function is optimised so that it only finds music videos.